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Full text of "Minutes of the Country-Line Baptist Association : held at Pleasant Grove Meeting House, Caswell County, N.C., August 16th, 17th, and 18th days, 1845."

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Ausrust iPth, 17th, nnd 18th days, 1845. 




Satliriljiy, l<JS;2fl. — The Introducfory Sermon was dwiivered by Elder- 
Arthur W. Eane, from the Fig River Association, from Romans, 6th chap. 22 v 
" But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your 
fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life." 

2. The Association then convened, and after praise and prayer by the Mode- 
rator, proceeded to business. 

3. The Letters from the several Churches were read, and their standing min- 
uted in the table below. The names of Ordained Preachers ia small capitals. 
Licentiates in italics — absentees marked thus 



Flat River, 
Story's Greek, 
Mount Zi9!i 
Tar River, 
Camp Creek, 
Mount Lebanon, 
Upper South Hyco, 

Lynch's Creek.. 
Deep Creek, 
Big Mcadpws, 

( Ebenezar Murrow, 
) Elijah O'Briant, 
( John Yarhroiigh, 

Sol. T. Clayton 

Asa Brooks, 

Major Chreen, 

S William Burn.s, 
Wm.A Wilkins, 
John Elliot, 
r Daniel Dean, 
} William Gordon, 
\ Hiram Brinkley, 

SMark B. Roberts, 
J. P. Parker, 
Wm. lioherts, 
f George T. Coggin, 
) Thomas Latta, 
\ Andreto N. Hall,* 
/ E. Jacobs, 
7 Nathaniel Toriaii, 
^- Hiram Lochard, 
r Nicholas Hester, 
) Hastin Blalack, 
^ Samuel A. Horton, 
/ John Durham, 
) Thomas Richardson, 

Isaac Stephens, 
r Richard Hensley, 
J Willis Wells, 
(John H. Fuller, 

5 James Workman, 
Zadock Rice, 
Frederic Wiatt, 
( John Wiatt, • 
\ Stephen Benson,*" 
( John Buckner, 
C John Bayliff,* 
< Jes^e Johnson * 
I JcrjiN Stadlek, 



6| 5 
lol 3 



Country Line, 


Pleasant Grove„ 

Moon's Creek, 


Wolf Island, 


C John Boswell 
< Win. Florancc, 
i Robert Maddin, 
C Berijavdu Willis, 
\ Goodwin Evans, 
V. John Brooks, 
C Lemuel Simpson, 
^ Benjamin Mourion, 
V Lewis Barton, 
\ James Walker, 
1 Larkin Simithy, 
^Jojinson Adkerson, 
J Archibald Ingram, 
1 Thomas^ Travis,* 
> Richard Jones, 
J Josiah Womack, 
1^ William I. Gilliam^ 

Robert Shreeves, 
A. P. Robertson, 
Sam'l H. WaU-er, 


r Thomas Hall, 
j Simpson Latti, 
{ Ezekiel Hailey, 










4| 16.^ 

51 1330 



24 1 65 

4. Eiders John Stadler, chosen Moderator, & Jas. Wilder, Clerk & Treaeurer. 

5. Corresponding Messengers from sister Associations invited to seats : where- 
upon Elders Josiah Smith from White Oak ; Henry Fintch and Hesekiah Smith, 
from Stanton River ; Arthur W. Eans from Pig River ; Joseph H. Eans, A. G. 
Moton, G. W. McNealy, Henry Tatum, Wm. Fuel and Robert W. Hill, from 
Mayho ; Abel Watkins from Abott's Creek Union ; Eider P. Pucket, from Con- 
tentna — all produced testimonials of their appointments and took their seats. — 
Ministering brethren of our order mvited to seats, whereupon Elder N. Norwood 
took his seat. i 

6. Chose to preach on to-morrow. Lord's day, Elders Pucket, A. W. Eans and 
Henry Piutch — worship to commence at 10 o'clock, also Elders Tatum, McNea<- 
ly and Smith, to preach on Monday. 

7. Agreed that Elders Puckett, A- W. Eans, and Smith, with the Moderator 
&nd Clark he appointed a select Committee to prepare the business for Monday. 

8 Agreed that B. Florance, and Goodwin Evans, be appointed a Committee of 

9 Agreed that v/e adjourn until Monday 9 o'clock. Prayer by the Moder ator. 

10 Sunday morning, 17^A, 10 o'clock : Met a large congregation, who were en- 
tertained by the following brethren : Elder Pucket opened the service of the day 
from the 23d Chapter 3 verse of Job. "0 that I knew v/here I might find him that 
I might come even to his seat." Elder Eans followed him, from the 5th Chapter 
and lith verses of the 1st Epis. of John. "And this is the record that God hath 
given to' us eternal life, and this hfe is in his son. He that hath the son hath life, 
and he that hath not the son of God hath not life." Eider Fintch followed from 
the 25th Chapter of the Gospel recorded by St. Matthew and 46th and last verse, 
" And these shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life 

Wc trust the labours of the day will be owned by the great head of the Church. 

11 Monday morning, 18iA, 9 oclook: Met according to adjournment, prayer by 
the Moderator, Messengers names called, rules of Decorum read, and proceeded 
to business. 

12 The Committee of arrangements made their report and were discharged. 

13 Brethren appointed to attend sister Associations last year generally attend 
and those that did not were excused. 

14 Eider Siadler and Steplicn I Chandler attended a section meeting at Mount 

fvcbailbii'. Elders Stiul'icr and Burns attended a secliou M'cetion at Mill M<:etirig 
houst; at the times proposed. ■ 

}5 The amount of ftuuls remaining in the hands of our former Treasurer last 
Association, were paid over by Bio. Tonan in full to the present Treasurer, which 
Sum amounted to - - - _ - ^2 97^ 

16 The Coinuiiltcc of finance reported that thoy received fro a the 
Churches of this Association the sum of - - 2 4 651 

whole amount in hand ... - ,^27 G3\ 

Clerks services '$»10 

Paid for Printing these Minutes, - - - $15 50— ^25 50— 25 50 

Ballance in hand - - - "'^iSi 

r7 Agreed that we appoint Elder Stadler, brethren Jones, Roberson, Mad- 
din & AVeatherford to Fig River Association. Elders Shreeyes, Wells & brethren 
Rice and Walker to the Mayho. Elder James D. Chandler, brethren John 
Wiatl & Moton to the Abbots Creek Union, b'-lders Ilensley, Wells, Wilder and 
brethren Parker and Kail, to Little River, and the same to Contentna. Elder 
Stadler, Wilder and bro. Fuller, Kchukee. Elder Burns. Hall, Davenport to Seat, 
and bro. James Ferrell, to White Oak. Elder S.I. Chandler, bro. Jones, Mad- 
din, Weatherford and TMnrroi^, to Stanton River. 

18 Agreed that v/e appoint Elders Burns, Stadler, Hensley and Stephen I. 
Cha'ndler, a Presbytery to attend to the request from Mount Lebanon, on the 
Saturday before the 5tli Lords day in March, to inquire into the call and qualifica- 
tion of brethren Coggin and Hall, and if found orthodox, to set them apart to the 

19. Agreed, that Elders S. I. Chandler, Burns and Wells attend a Section 
Meeting at Giiliams' Meeting- House, Orange County, on Friday before the 3rd 
Lord's day in June next ; also, Elders S. I. Chandler, Stadler and Shreeves, to at- 
tend a section meeting at Lynch's Creek meeting house, X)n Friday before the 3rd 
Lord's' day in April next. 

20. Agreed, that we have 600 copies of these Minutes printed and distributed. 

21. Agreed, that our next Association be ^Id with Story's Creek Church, ia- 
Fevson County, N. C, to commence on Saturday before the 3rd Lord's day in 
.A.ugvist next, and Elder John Stadler preach the Introductory sermon, and James 
Wilder his alternate ; worship to commence at 11 o'clock. 

22. After admonition by brother Stadler, adjourned to time and place. 

23! It v.'ill be remembered that Flat River church. Story's Creek, Mount Zion, 
Tar River, Camp Creek, Mount Lebanon, and Eno, belong to the lower section. 
Ebenezer, Upper South Hyco, ?^lill, Lynch's Creek, Deep Creek, Big Meadows, to 
Mitldle section. Arbor, Countrv-line, Gilliam's Fieasant Grove, Moon's Creok, 
Siekfork, Wolf Island, to Upper'section. JOHN STADLER, 3Iod, 

i.v3 WiLD^v.yClerk.